Enabling the Internet of Things for Commercial Buildings

Introducing SenseAgent

SenseAgent is a cloud based intelligent system for building asset management using wireless autonomous sensor agents embedded in and interacting within spaces to provide a wealth of data. Data which acted upon builds business intelligence, improving operational efficiency and productivity.

Control Monitor Track Automate Analyse Optimise Minimise Adapt Reduce Innovate Solve

A Commercial Real Estate Revolution

The current state of the built environment, has inefficient energy consumption, reactive safety compliance, static climate control, unintegrated security tracking, and poor utilisation of space.

Which means that energy is unnecessarily wasted, property is underutilised and people are under performing.

Five Core Capabilities With A Single Sensor

Commercial Office Costs

There is a better way to reduce energy consumption, better utilise property and increase the productivity of people.

Operational costs of commercial buildings $/m2/year

Connect • Analyse • Optimise

Connect • Analyse • Optimise

Deploy cloud connected sensors and discover real actionable data about your infrastructure. SenseAgent is a cloud based data analytics platform for mining intelligence from unrealised data wealth latent in your assets.

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