SenseAgent Benefits

Capital and Operational Savings for Buildings in an Integrated Solution


SenseAgent saves capital over traditional building systems while providing wireless infrastructure to tackle a range of inefficiencies within an asset.

SenseAgent Competitive Advantage

  • Robust Communication Middleware

    Highly scalable proprietary low latency middleware for secure bidirectional communications. Providing a greater security and quality of service for controlling expensive physical assets. An advanced communication platform to future proof advancements in sensory applications.

  • Comprehensive Smart Building Solution

    A wireless sensor that performs five smart core capabilities Lighting, Safety, Climate, Security and Utilisation all at 50% of the capital cost of a traditional cabled lighting control solution. A single sensor measuring ten different metrics in an integrated architecturally designed ceiling fitting, eliminating the need for numerous vendors for the same capability.

  • Fully Integrated Solution

    An end to end engineered solution of electronic hardware coupled with a purpose designed middleware and a cloud interface for a fully vertically integrated “out of the box” system. A wireless building sensor system is designed to perform immediately upon deployment in brownfield or greenfield sites.

  • Dynamic Firmware

    Embedded hardware running unique dynamic firmware that loads operational schedule profiles from the cloud. A dynamic firmware that accepts schedule updates over the air makes a sensor system adaptable in changing the functional purpose making it more suitable for edge computing and process optimisation.

  • Autonomous Sensors

    Sensors perform autonomously without the need for constant cloud connectivity using weekly operational schedules and programs. The sensors sample data every second sharing it directly peer-to-peer over the mesh network for processing locally to control electrical equipment locally using logic based decision making.

  • Machine Learning

    Mesh network of sensors are managed by multi-point Gateway devices which supervise the commands on the network sensors and flow of data to the cloud. Data that is stored and processed at the edge, applying machine learning to generate knowledge to optimise the sensor behaviour directly.