SenseAgent is pioneering the Internet of Things innovation as a proudly Australian startup and has been highlighted by Artesian Capital Management in the Connected Smart Building Category.

Artesian Capital Management has offices in New York, London, Singapore, Shanghai, Sydney and Melbourne and is an alternative investment manager focused on early stage venture capital and fixed income trading.

Founding Partner and CEO of Artesian, Jeremy Colless, had 18 years experience in capital markets, prior to launching Artesian. His resume includes being the global head of fixed income trading & sales at ANZ and a bond trader in Sydney, New York and Hong Kong with Deutsche Bank, SG Warburg and Lehman Brothers. He is on the board of almost 100 startups that have been invested in, directly by Artesian, or by Artesian’s early stage venture capital funds.

“The planogram is not exhaustive but includes the highlights of identified technology players in the Internet of Things sector in Australia”, says Jeremy.

SenseAgent has been identified in the Connected Smart Building segment by Artesian, also known as the BIoT (Building Internet of Things) as termed by Memoori, Smart Building Research.

SenseAgent uses Levaux’s Iot platform, also highlighted by Artesian, which is a middleware communication pipeline that has the lowest latency in its field and is highly secure from the start as it is binary encoded and encrypted, ready for enterprise scalability.

Artesian Capital Management Planogram of Australian IoT Startups:


SenseAgent provides a holistic smart building solution by creating intelligent environments in commercial real estate, starting with a single sensor. Each sensor enables all 5 core capabilities of a smart building solution including: lighting control, safety compliance, climate control, security tracking and space utilisation to minimise the operating costs of property, optimise the efficiency of assets and maximise the comfort and productivity of people.

The commercial development of SenseAgent as an Australian Innovator in the IoT is disrupting the current Smart Building segment. As a full vertical offering including hardware (sensors), middleware (connectivity pipeline) and cloud solution (User Interface), SenseAgent offers Hardware-as-a-Service. This offering provides a turnkey Smart Building solution and ensures accountability of operations and ensures future proofing by starting with security and speed in mind. The SenseAgent system is interoperable with API’s and has the capability to interact with existing, cumbersome, Building Management Systems.

The adoption of IoT in buildings started with lighting control. SenseAgent is starting the revolution of Commercial Real Estate by expanding into safety, climate, security and utilisation, starting with a single sensor.

SenseAgent encourages commercial property managers and developers to assess a new build or retrofit project to provide a complete smart building solution. As a market ready solution, enquire as a priority, to evaluate potential savings and possibly qualify as a partner for earmarked case studies.