SAL Commercial ( is a leading Australian owned and operated lighting manufacturer and distributor , dedicated to innovation in product, delivery and services.

SAL Commercial is pleased to announce its commercial partnership with Levaux – the company behind the leading workplace sensor technology. Levaux’s – SenseAgent brand (, is a cloud based intelligent system for building asset management and advanced workplace sensors.

Levaux’s SenseAgent wireless sensor mesh networks, hardware and software provides a sophisticated end to end, scalable, engineered solution and interface for a vertically integrated “out of the box, plug and play” system for lighting control, environmental monitoring, asset utilisation and real time location of people and assets.

The data captured by SenseAgent’s deployed sensor mesh, builds operational intelligence to drive operational efficiency, asset management and human productivity. The capability extends beyond lighting to provide real-time space utilisation, heat mapping occupancy and detailed environmental data, including, CO2, TVOC, temperature, humidity and other critical building and efficiency and wellness metrics. This leading platform reduces costs for building owners and creates better occupant

SenseAgent also offers automated building compliance audits with its fine-grained information to satisfy NABERS and International WELL Building Institute requirements.

Shane Massey, Managing Director of SAL Commercial said:
“The announcement of SAL Commercial’s partnership with Levaux, heralds an exciting change for the lighting controls industry in Australia. SenseAgent sets the benchmark for ease of installation, commissioning and building measurement and management.

Beyond the simplification of lighting control and installation, the range, quality and granularity of environment data is world class. The cloud platform, speed, interface functionality and cost are the best we have seen.”

The commercial partnership between Levaux and SAL Commercial results from – A Grade commercial building owners demanding more than lighting control to optimise their workplace beyond energy. The SenseAgent platform for the first time, creates the opportunity for building owners and occupant to holistically consider sustainability, efficiency, productivity and well-being at the design stage in the building process, or, deliver cost saving effectively into existing buildings. The result is a real and significant impact on the bottom line for organisations and a healthier environmental experience for the occupants.

SAL Commercial recognises its responsibility and commitment to the evolution of building design. SAL Commercial by embracing this state-of-the-art technology is leading the change with a range of
commercial luminaires, Powered by SenseAgent for commercial office projects, Australia wide.

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About SAL Commercial
SAL Commercial is an Australian owned lighting manufacturer and distributor. Owned by the SAL Group, SAL Commercial focuses on the end to end – design, manufacturer and supply of construction projects with a focus on commercial tenancies, health and aged care facilities, distribution centres, education precincts, correctional facilities and general area lighting.

As a qualified member of Lighting Council Australia, we accept the stewardship of quality and compliance that the membership demands and such, we invest significantly in both local and international engineering and design resources, to ensure our products are compliant with all
mandatory standards and are reliable for our customers.

The ongoing development of creative and sustainable lighting solutions is the DNA of SAL Commercial. We understand the importance of listening to and engaging with our clients on ideas that ultimately deliver successful outcomes for all stakeholders.

About Levaux
Levaux is an Australian company delivering solutions across the global in connected building and lighting control market. Levaux’s SenseAgent is a fully integrated sensor to cloud solution, with commercial acceptance in the connected building market for lighting control, environmental monitoring, and real time location and security of people and assets. Levaux’s competitive advantage stems from an architecture designed within the genre of ‘integrated complex systems.’ Key benefits include enterprise scalability, security and robustness without sacrificing speed. The military
specification (or ‘mil spec’ DNA) capability and platform derives from founder Dr Simon Benson’s background in military systems and networked warfare, underpinned by a PhD in Complex Systems Engineering.