AFR: COVID-19 Changing the Design & Utilisation of the Work Space

COVID-19 is having immediate impacts on how commercial office spaces are designed and utilised. In particular hot-desking will no longer be practised and instead the focus on maintaining social distancing in the work space by monitoring the number of people in rooms and changing the layout of the work space the Australian Financial Review reports.


AFR: Australia Government Sets Rules for Safe Return to Work

The Australian government has announced workplace safety protocols to help business return to work while maintaining COVID safe work places.

“The published protocols include information on physical distancing for staff and customers, guidelines on the use of protective equipment, emergency planning, health and illness monitoring, as well as hygiene and cleaning standards” – the AFR reports.

SAL Commercial Announces Commercial Relationship with Levaux

SAL Commercial is pleased to announce its commercial partnership with Levaux – the company
behind the leading workplace sensor technology. Levaux’s – SenseAgent brand
(, is a cloud based intelligent system for building asset management
and advanced workplace sensors.

Bosch Singapore campus: smart building concept turned reality

Levaux named as one of 15 startups to watch in 2017

Levaux has been listed as one of the fifteen start ups to watch in 2017, by Memoori.

SenseAgent Highlighted by Artesian Capital Management in Australian IoT Startup Planogram

SenseAgent is pioneering the Internet of Things innovation as a proudly Australian startup and has been highlighted by Artesian Capital Management in the Connected Smart Building Category.

SenseAgent building asset management system

SenseAgent is a cloud-based, building asset management system that uses wireless autonomous sensor agents embedded in and interacting within commercial spaces to provide a wealth of data.

IoT Cybersecurity Forum – Brisbane 17th June, 2016

The agenda comprises of two keynote speakers followed by a panel of security experts. Our two keynotes for this forum will be Scott Reid of Cisco Systems presenting on Smart Cities – Hype of reality? and Dr Simon Benson, Founder and CEO of Levaux on IoT Communication architectures – secure, reliable, ubiquitous

Startup sees IoT potential in wireless mesh network

Gold Coast based startup Levaux is targeting the burgeoning Internet of Things market with a proprietary wireless mesh technology and associated software that it says provide considerable advantages over standards-based technologies.