SenseAgent Highlighted by Artesian Capital Management in Australian IoT Startup Planogram

SenseAgent is pioneering the Internet of Things innovation as a proudly Australian startup and has been highlighted by Artesian Capital Management in the Connected Smart Building Category.

SenseAgent building asset management system

SenseAgent is a cloud-based, building asset management system that uses wireless autonomous sensor agents embedded in and interacting within commercial spaces to provide a wealth of data.

IoT Cybersecurity Forum – Brisbane 17th June, 2016

The agenda comprises of two keynote speakers followed by a panel of security experts. Our two keynotes for this forum will be Scott Reid of Cisco Systems presenting on Smart Cities – Hype of reality? and Dr Simon Benson, Founder and CEO of Levaux on IoT Communication architectures – secure, reliable, ubiquitous

Startup sees IoT potential in wireless mesh network

Gold Coast based startup Levaux is targeting the burgeoning Internet of Things market with a proprietary wireless mesh technology and associated software that it says provide considerable advantages over standards-based technologies.