SenseAgent Gateway

Distributed Intelligence Through Machine Learning


SenseAgent sensors are connected to x86 gateway devices which run Levaux’s custom gateway software. This software carries out a range of autonomous tasks to ensure sensors are performing optimally at all times and provide advanced data functionality on the edge of the mesh network within the building.

Persistent Cloud Connectivity

The gateway is responsible for maintaining a persistent connection with the cloud via Levaux’s middle ware solution. To do this it connects out to the cloud and, if for any reason there is a connection issue handles this and continuously attempts to reconnect. Internet connectivity to the gateway can be via Ethernet, 3G/4G or any other x86 compatible network interface.

Data Management

The gateway device processes all sensor data as it is received including data logs which are received from sensors at a resolution of one minute averages. All data received is stored locally on the gateway for a configurable amount of time. If for any reason data was not able to be transmitted to the cloud it retains this data and automatically synchronizes data with cloud when possible.

Edge Processing

The gateway carries out regular data processing tasks to such as aggregating data to useful groupings. Once processed results are then transmitted to the cloud for storage and visualisation.

Machine Learning

The gateway carries out machine learning data processing tasks to find valuable insights on how configuration changes of sensor can improve the efficiency and/or comfort of a space.

Local Connectivity

As the gateway is located locally within the building it is able to integrate with other local devices in a number of ways.

One of the most valuable is by connecting to the Buidling Management System (BMS.) When connected network the gateway can be queried, or push data points into the BMS to enable it to make more informed decision about how to operating HVAC equipment based on metrics such as the occupancy of a room.

Additionally any other approved network capable device can be connected to the gateway and use the gateway API’s to interact with sensors. This is commonly used to enable touch screen wall controllers to act as manually controllers for groups of sensors.