Commercial Real Estate Problems

Unconnected Assets Waste Money Without Optimisation


Commercial buildings are expensive assets that require wireless infrastructure to get visibility on inefficiencies and optimise operations to save money.

Decentralised Management

Building assets are geographically distributed making it difficult to get visibility on vital data to improve their operational efficiency. Using low latency secure middleware technology, stranded data across many silos can be accessed remotely. Enterprise wide decisions can be made centrally eliminating the labour cost incurred in local management.

Under Optimised Assets

Buildings use a conventional wired process control methodology to managing assets. These are expensive to deploy and difficult to modify to achieve continual performance improvements. A dense wireless mesh of sensors providing a rich fine grained information beyond the utility space makes machine learning possible to work the asset harder through autonomous optimisation.

Value Space Insights

Traditional focus on instrumentation of the building climate infrastructure ignores the occupant space which ultimately consumes the greatest amount of energy. A dense mesh network of sensors in this value space is required to comprehend the environmental parameters and occupant behavior to extract much greater savings from lighting and climate systems.

Energy Saving Focus

Placing sensors in the value space provides information feedback to help optimise the energy consumption for lighting and climate of traditional infrastructure. However space utilisation of occupants and their productivity represents orders of magnitude greater potential savings over the traditional energy approach. Tracking insights can only be achieved through the deployment of a dense mesh network of sensors in the occupant space.

Integration Predicament

Solving building inefficiencies is a fragmented approach with multiple vendors only adding further complexity and additional silos of data. Using a fully integrated sensor to cloud solution that performs multiple applications in a single product is a more cost effective approach.

Limited Wireless Infrastructure

Existing cabled IP based communication systems make it cost prohibitive to deploy sensor technology into the value space of buildings. A dense sensor network provides wireless communication backhaul infrastructure to gather a diverse amount of information. Actionable information to adaptively control electrical building equipment,

Static Compliance

Industry standards are shifting from an annual discrete snapshot of building compliance to a continuous monitoring of approach. Wireless sensor networks provide autonomous environmental wellness standards monitoring and emergency lighting compliance, reducing auditing labour costs and achieve live building compliance.

Commercial Office Costs

There is a better way to reduce energy consumption, better utilise property and increase the productivity of people.

Operational costs of commercial buildings $/m2/year