SenseAgent Safety

Utilise SenseAgent for safety as a service through reactive autonomous cloud connected sensors that continuously perform compliance.

Continual Compliance

Live status of your regulatory
compliance obligations.

Automated Reporting

Consolidated cloud generated reporting of geographically distributed safety devices.

Autonomous Testing

Real time fault detection notifications via the cloud to your device.

Peace of Mind

Proactive monitoring to ensure it works when needed most.

How it Works

image/svg+xml 1 Power Up Wire the battery pack into the mains power. 2 Plug In Connect the battery to the emergency light or sign and let the autonomous testing begin. 3 Live Compliance Receive notifications when safety equipment fails or check the compliance status in the cloud manually. 240V
Building Dashboard

Building Dashboard

Quickly manage all sensors across multiple floors in your building through an ergonomic web based interface. Monitor safety in real time and receive instant notification of compliance status.

Emergency Lighting

Wireless Mesh Network

Self healing mesh communications to the cloud.

Bluetooth Tracking

Occupancy location detection across a dense mesh network.

Smart Monitoring

Continuous tracking of multiple data points to ensure compliance.

Superior Design

Smallest profile energy efficient LED recessed design on the market.

1 Second Data

Finely grained environmental monitoring gives in depth analytic capability.

Battery Pack

Premium Battery Technology

Energy efficient Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFoPO4) for longer battery life.


Environmentally friendly with no toxic heavy metals or known carcinogens.

Low Maintenance

Greater discharge cycles and a higher energy density in a smaller form factor.

Fine Resolution

High frequency sampling of energy consumption, battery temperatures voltages and current.

Hot Swappable

Modular design to quickly and easily replace battery units without any reassembly.

Compliance Without Inspection

Remote autonomous testing of safety equipment with push notifications to the cloud makes it compliant every second with additional metrics for predictive analytics to enable scheduled maintenance.

image/svg+xml IlluminationWarning High TemperatureWarning Low BatteryWarning Short CircuitWarning Power FailureWarning
Automatically Generated Certificates

Automatically Generated Certificates

Autonomous testing of safety equipment eliminates the labour of
inspection. The SenseAgent cloud generates and archives all reports for an audit trail. Non compliant reports are immediately escalated, automatically notifying stake holders in the state of your assets.

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Safety Concurrency

Safety Concurrency

SenseAgent cloud platform continuously ensures emergency equipment is compliant and safety procedures are, current and accessible easily within an enterprise interface.

Cloud Based Workplace Health & Safety

Manage all your workplace health and safety compliance requirements from an easy to use cloud interface on an organisation, site, building or floor plan level.

Fire Warden Management

Induction Management

Fire & Evacuation Programs

Fire Alarm