SenseAgent Sensors

Purpose Built Hardware in an Integrated Platform


The SenseAgent range of sensors has been purpose designed and built to cover five core competencies of building operation lighting, climate, security, utilisation and safety.

Hardware Capability

The sensors are powered by dual ARM Cortex M4F processors for intensive computational power. Coupled with numerous environmental sensing microchips the sensor is capable of performing advanced processing on these metrics and control electrical devices attached through the on-board RS485 bus. Wireless communication over the 2.4GHz band at 2Mb/s is performed using the Wirepas connectivity mesh stack.

Mesh Communications

Wirepas connectivity mesh stack is a de-centralized wireless communication protocol for devices. Using a unique de-centralized operation, the sensors contain all the intelligence. The sensors themselves make all decisions locally and co-operatively. This enables the most reliable, optimized, scalable and simple to use connectivity for sensors to enable wireless mesh networking.

  • Unlimited scale, coverage and density.
  • High reliability and availability.
  • Low power and low latency.
  • Openness and flexibility.
  • Efficient over the air programming.
  • Decentralised network architecture.
  • Multi-gateway support.
  • Multi-channel operation.
  • Efficient collision-free spectrum usage.


All SenseAgent sensors capture nine different metrics:

  • Ambient Temperature
  • Ambient Light
  • Ambient Sound
  • Carbon Dioxide ppm
  • Instantaneous Power
  • Energy Metering
  • Humidity
  • Device Temperature
  • Tracking
  • TVOC ppb

Installation & Commissioning

The installation and commissioning of SenseAgent sensors is substantial quicker and cheaper than traditional lighting control systems. As the sensors use wireless mesh communications there is no control cabling required. Sensors simply connect to existing ceiling power sources inline with the luminaries.

A purpose built tablet application is used during commissioning to quickly connect new sensors to the gateway and configure each sensor. Installation and commissioning of each sensors takes under four minutes.


All sensors are able to track beacons with sensors sending signal strength, and beacon id data to the gateway every two seconds. The gateway processes this information in real time using triangulation algorithms and statistical analyse to create beacon tracking maps as well as historical tracking records. Security card style beacons can be used to track people as they move through the space or sticker beacons can be used to track assets.

By using beacon tracking technology highly accurate occupancy/utilisation data can be generated as well as detail tracking maps for analyising how people flow through a space.

Our Hardware: Sensor Capability

Sensors act autonomously, wirelessly transmitting environmental data back to the Building Manager in the cloud.