SenseAgent Lighting

Utilise SenseAgent for saving as a service through cloud controlled sensors that react to the environment and command lights.

Occupancy Sensing

Programmable real time proximity detection to regulate environmental lighting conditions.

Daylight Harvesting

Autonomous control of lighting to optimise use of natural light.

Energy Metering

Independant fine grained consumption tracking at each light.

Switching & Dimming

Automatic or manual cloud control by switching and dimming.

How it Works

image/svg+xml 1 Connect Light Install the SenseAgent switcher between the light and power. Fluorescent Incandescent/Halogen RGBW LED 240V 2 Install Sensor Connect one or many switches to a sensor. 3 Control Anywhere Communicate with the sensor through the cloud to control the light.

Floorplan Centric Control

Autonomous agents are positioned on virtual floor plans in alignment with their physical space. Sensor interaction and information is then representative of the environment they reside.

Floorplan Centric Control

Light Switching

Networked Lights

Managed multiple lights on a bus commanded by a single sensor.

Digital Addressing

Advanced lighting control of DALI compatible ballasts and dimmers.

Fine Resolution

High frequency sampling of temperature and energy consumption.

Solid State Switching

Full electrical isolation with optical coupling.

Lighting Sensor

Wireless Mesh Network

Self healing mesh communications to the cloud.

Bluetooth Tracking

Occupancy location detection across a dense mesh network.

Active/Passive Motion Detection

Microwave and infrared sensing technology for active lighting control.

7 Day Schedule

Cloud tuned weekly autonomous program cycles for customised control.

1 Second Data

Finely grained environmental monitoring gives in depth analytic capability.

Discover Inefficiencies

Data analytics on energy metrics from sensors at each light, within an enterprise, provides fine grained information required to seek out waste and significantly reduce costs.

Discover Inefficiencies

Real-Time Interaction

A high speed middleware communication path realises true interactive control of any lighting asset from anywhere.

Sunlight is Free

When natural daylight is present, SenseAgent autonomous sensors, intelligently switch and dim the lighting further reducing costs.

Sunlight is Free
Real-Time Interaction

Why Leave the Lights On?

Occupancy sensing in SenseAgent sensors can drastically reduce energy consumption in lighting spaces especially when under utilised.

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Autonomous Intelligence

Autonomous Intelligence

Interact through a web interface modifying weekly autonomous sensor schedules to personalise your environment.