Enterprise IoT Platform

Fast, Scalable and Secure

Fastest IoT Communication Pipeline

SenseAgent IoT Solution was designed from the start to be an enterprise scale, secure, scalable and reliable IoT communication system that does not sacrifice speed. It was achieved by avoiding light weight communication protocols and messaging queues, created with a robust middleware using object-orientated remote procedure calls (RPC) architecture implemented in pure C++ from the ground up in conjunction with embedded hardware and optimised mesh network stack. This enabled the capability to build smart connected systems with the lowest latency.

IoT Platform Features

Connect · Analyse · Optimise

Deploy cloud connected sensors and discover real actionable data about your assets. Knowledge is power and applied knowledge from predictive analytics is a competitive advantage.

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Platform Component Architecture

image/svg+xml<Embedded Middleware Cloud


An embedded firmware code framework uniquely developed in conjunction with an industry leading wireless mesh stack optimised for ARM processors.


The fastest C++ middleware system ever developed using object-oriented RPC (remote procedure calls) methodology for the lowest latency.


Infrastructure of servers implemented using component based distributed grid computing architecture for massive scalability.

Platform Component Architecture

image/svg+xmlGATEWAY DEVICE (x86) NEAR FIELD COMMS / OCCUPANCY DETECTION USERSSENSORS GATEWAYSOFTWARE REAL TIME DATA PROCESSING SECURITY SERVICES DECISION ENGINE DEVICESESSION MANAGER USER SESSIONMANAGERAPPLICATIONS DATA PERSISTENCE NOTIFICATION SERVICESNOTIFICATIONS SMS,IOS/ANDROID PUSH ETCUSERS Provides authentication and authorisation for all services.Processes device logs and alert messages in real time. Provides data aggregation services and sends to data persistence for storage.Receives real time alerts from remote devices and decides how to handle alert based on user defined workflows. Integrates with popular notification services to provide real time notifications to users via SMS, iOS/Android push notifications, and more. Persists data for all services include device data logs, aggregated data, user requests, and device responses.Web, iOS and Android applications provide user friendly interfaces for managing, configuring, and interacting with remote devices. USERFIREWALL Authenticates and manages SSL connections between users and cloud services.Authenticates and manages SSL connections between devices and cloud services.Communicates with mesh network of sensors and controls bi directional connection with cloud solution to allow real time communication between users and mesh devices. DEVICE FIREWALL Mesh of sensors record temperature, light level, occupancy and interact with other devices with near field communications. Send data logs and alerts to gateway. LOCALPERSISTENCE RPC MESH STACK RPCRPCRPCRPCRPCRPC