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Switchers are the electrical interface to lights, pumps, motors or other physical devices. Commanded by a sensor they directly control the electrical power of devices whilst metering energy consumption. Switchers are reconfigurable over the network and powerful enough for the most advanced process control operations.


Sensors monitor environmental factors such as motion, heat, light, gas and humidity throughout a building modifying the environment to suit occupants by commanding Switchers to control building devices. Sensors act autonomously, wirelessly transmitting environmental data back to the Building Manager in the cloud.


Gateways are the conduit between the mesh network of Switchers and Sensors with the internet. Data is gathered wirelessly from all Sensors, collated in the Gateway database and transferred to the cloud for persistence. Gateways administer the connection of Sensors to the secure mesh network and their autonomous doctrines.


The Building Manager is the cloud service for monitoring and controlling portfolios of building assets. A web interface using intuitive graphical floor plans gives visibility to individual Sensors across all buildings to monitor data and control devices in real time with analytical tools to investigate historical information.

image/svg+xml14.4V 36.1°C 87% 4.7kPa 0.71kWh 2.16A ON/OFF -45dB